Our Mission
The mission of the Kairos Prison Ministry International is to share the transforming love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to impact the hearts and lives of incarcerated men, women and youth, as well as their families, to become loving and productive citizens of their communities.
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Bringing the Love of Christ to a dedicated group of men living in "Z" Dorm that are seeking to improve their lives.  We teach the men how to make the right choices in life.  That walking with Christ may not only help them with their life while incarcerated, but also help mend their lives as free men and rebuild their families.

Our Mission
Friends of the Michael Unit (a 501c3) is here to help with financial support to provide the physical needs of the Chaplaincy Program at the Michael Unit with what ever is required to further the mission of bringing the offenders to where God wants them to be in their chosen walk with Faith.

Shalom Bible College is Interdenominational-Evangelical in our approach to the understanding of God's Holy Word. It is our desire to maintain balance and to be a College & Seminary of the "Full Gospel," accepting all students without regard to ethnic origin, color or creed.

Benefit Bar-B-Que for Lt. Morris
Nov. 3-4, Tennessee Colony Church at the five way stop.
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"I was shown unconditional love.  I was told God just wanted to be my friend and I wanted so very much to have a friend.  I clung to that simple concept like a drowning woman.  This was the beginning of the journey to to where I am today."

- Kairos Outside Guest

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