TDCJ Representatives and Unit Advisory Council Officers
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Senior Warden:-CAROL MONROE
Chaplain:---------Thomas Taylor
Chaplain:---------Samuel Arcipreste

Michael AC Chair:--------------------    Wayne Edson
AC Vice Chair:------------------------    Randy Pool
AC State Rep:-------------------------    Greg Jenson
AC Secretary--------------------------    Frank Schaefer
AC Financial Secretary:-----------    Suranjith Peiris
AC Treasurer:-------------------------    Stewart Teasley
AC Unit Liaison:----------------------   Tom Perdue
AC Outreach/Recruiting Coord.:   Tim West
AC Fundraising Coord.:------------   Mike Breedlove
AC Agape Coord.:-------------------    Samuel Fuentes-Ramos
AC Clergy/Spiritual Advisor:-----    Larry Garner
AC Cont. Ministry Coord.:--------     Steve Kincheloe
AC Data Coord.:---------------------     Chuck Robinson
AC Communications Coord.:---      Ray Blevins

AC Food Coord.:--------------------      Krista Pemberton
Alt. AC State Rep:------------------      Tom Perdue

AC Web Servant:--------------------     Tom Perdue

Kairos No. 53 Team Leader:-----    Charles Englebretson
Kairos No. 54 Team Leader:-----    Tim West

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Mark W. Michael Unit
Tennessee Colony, Texas
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